LEAP2020 Now Available! 11 Likes

By Charles Heaps on 5/24/2020
After more than 18 months development, we are delighted to announce that LEAP2020 is now available.

LEAP2020 is the biggest ever update to LEAP - one that will make it more useful for modeling and evaluating energy, climate mitigation and air pollution abatement pathways. This release provides robust analyses of low emission pathways, through better time-slicing, new energy storage modeling and the new NEMO optimization framework. It also brings rigorous quantitative modeling to issues that sometimes don't get the analytical attention they deserve: for example, by examining how socially disadvantaged groups are affected by pollution, using new GIS-based mapping of air pollution and health impact analyses disaggregated by age and sex. 

LEAP2020 continues to pursue our long term design philosophy of making advanced methods accessible to and usable by a broad audience of analysts and planners: not just to expert modellers.

Reflecting the broadened focus of LEAP, we've also decided to give it a new long form name. LEAP will now be known as "The Low Emissions Analysis Platform".

You can:

The new version is free to use by anyone with a current LEAP license. LEAP2020 is fully backwards compatible with data sets created in earlier versions of LEAP.

We hope you will enjoy using this new version of LEAP and look forward to receiving your feedback!