The Tree

See also: Types of Tree Branches, Editing the Tree

The tree, which appears in the Analysis View, the Results View, and the Notes View is a hierarchical outline used to organize and edit the main data structures in a LEAP analysis. In the Analysis View you can edit the tree structure (for example, by right-clicking with the mouse on a tree branch , or by using the Tree menu options), and you also click on the tree to select the data you want to view and edit. In the Results View, you again use the tree, but this time as a means of accessing the various results calculated for different branches of the tree (for example energy demand in a particular sector or electricity production in different power plants).  You can also user-defined tags to filter the branches shown in the tree.

Data in the tree are organized under major categories, which normally appear as the top level of branches in the tree:

When using the tree in the Results and Notes Views, an additional top level branch is displayed showing the name of the current Area. Clicking on this branch lets you review results summed across both Demand and Transformation branches (for example, total emissions for the area). This branch does not appear in the Analysis View. Note also that some branches for which no results are available are hidden in the Results View. These include the "Key Assumptions" branch, and all branches below it, as well as Transformation Outputs branches.

Trees in Multi-Region Areas

In areas with more than one region you can use the Tree: Select Visible Branches option to selectively show or hide branches in different regions.  Hidden branches are not included in a region's calculations.

The Tree in Results View

In Results View, when showing results with tags or branches selected for the chart legend, LEAP will color code the tree using the same colors as used in the chart.  This makes it easy to see how the results in the chart correspond to the branches in the tree (or the tags set at those branches).  When branches are the selected dimension in the Chart legend, LEAP will automatically expand the tree to show you the colored tree branches corresponding with the items in the chart.  This capability also works if you have more than one depth level selected.  If you do not wish to have the tree color-coded you can switch off this capability from the View menu using the View: Color Tree Branches menu option.