Table Toolbar

The Table Toolbar is used to customize and print tables in LEAP. It consists of the following buttons:

Scientific:  Toggle whether values are shown in scientific (i.e. with a mantissa and exponent) or in standard decimal number format.  Note that the formatting of numbers depends on the local regional settings on your computer.  For example, a number written as 1,234.56 in the UK and US would appear as 1.234,56 in France, Spain and other European countries.

Increase Decimals increases the number of decimal places displayed in a table.

Decrease Decimals decreases the number of decimal places displayed in a table.

0s: Zeros: Toggle whether zero values are displayed as a simple dash (for increased readability) or as zero values.

Table Statistics: select which additional statistics are included in the table beyond the basic values calculated in LEAP.  The default set includes row and column total values.  You can also select minimum and maximum values as well as growth rates, mean, median, standard deviation and variance statistics.  In some tables, where the data allows you can also display indeces showing the ratio of end year to base year values or the ratio of end year to the last historical year values.

Increase Font Size (Ctrl-Alt-I):  Increases the font size used to display the table.  Note that changing the font size affects all tables and the tree.

Decrease Font Size (Ctrl-Alt-J): Decreases the font size used to display the table.  

Font lets you change the style, typeface and size of the font used to display the tables and tree shown in LEAP.

Copy copies the table to the Windows clipboard. Tables can then be pasted into any Window that supports text.

Print previews and prints the table.

Excel exports the current table to Microsoft Excel.