Chart Toolbar

The chart toolbar is used to customize and print charts in LEAP. It consists of the following buttons:

Chart Type selects the type of chart (pie, bar, horizontal bar, area, line, and spider charts). Various restrictions apply to the types of charts you can choose. For example, you can only pick pie charts when the there is a single set of summable values, and you can only pick area charts when values are summable.

Stack Type is used in area, bar and horizontal bar charts to pick how series are formatted. The options are: stacked, not stacked, grouped, percent stacked, and not stacked - 3D. This last option displays series behind one another in a 3D effect. Note that stacking of charts is only available when it makes to stack the variable or dimension. So for example, a variable such as efficiency cannot be stacked, and nor can different scenario values of any variable.

Color Palette is used to select among different chart color palettes.  The palettes include one that is similar to the palette used in Microsoft Excel, and another that uses patterns that are suitable for printing in black and white.  

LOG toggles the use of a logarithmic scale on the chart. Note that log scales do not work well if the chart contains negative values.

Gridlines toggles the display of grid lines on a chart.

Select Background Image inserts a background image behind your chart. You will be prompted to select a JPG, GIF or BMP file, and given the chance to preview the image before selecting it. Background image settings are saved along with your other settings when you save a "Favorite" chart, and can then be displayed when you use LEAP's Overview feature.  Select Clear Background Image () to remove the background image from the current chart.

Print prints and previews the chart.

Copy copies the chart to the Windows clipboard in metafile format. Chart images can be pasted into any Windows program that supports image objects.

PowerPoint adds a chart as a slide to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Excel exports the current table to Microsoft Excel.

Advanced:  Use this option to pull up a screen that can be used to view or edit advanced options affecting the appearance of the chart.  Most users will probably not need to use this option, but it can be useful when finalizing charts for use in reports.